Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What it all comes down to....


She is so likable. And beautiful. And need I say talented? That is the performer I would be if I had it my way. And I'd prefer a stage similar to the one in the video. Simple. I would probably sit indian style because I believe I have a little cherokee in me so that's only fair. Without a doubt....my footsies would be bare. My crowd would be my family and close friends because that's who is important to me. I would play the flippin' mess out of the harmonica. My Daddy would probably have one stashed in his pocket to join me. My crowd would wildy throw confetti at the end of my show and I'd throw some back. If good things must come to an end (such as my opportunity to be Alanis) I would insist it been done in the most insanely intense way - nothing less. Beautiful confetti filling the little venue where I own the stage. And my story would easily be told through one song....and I could only hope that my crowd, my fans, would walk away as a new person...looking at life a different way. A better way. Looking at the world with love... and sharing that love. 
But knowing two things throughout life:
"everything's gonna be fine fine fine....
"that no one's really got it figured out just yet"


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