Tuesday, August 31, 2010

(File under: NOTES TO SELF)
Be easy on yourself. 
You are going to be better than just fine.

There are friends I have from all phases of my life and it's {very}important to{always} be the self-less friend they deserve, or maybe don't deserve..regardless of how long I've known them....

And with the certain friendships that you will {maybe never} get in return what you put in, continue with your ways, whatever your ways may be. I was raised very well so I'm confident with the ways of my own. {thanks mama and daddy}

*this is one I have to constantly remind myself*
God has a plan. 
God has a plan. 
God has a plan.
YES!! FOR ME! God has a plan FOR ME!
And I know he has a purpose for taking his {dear sweet} time with helping me find a certain something.... don't jump to conclusions of the "certain something", please and thank you.

Reasons why I think God knows I can handle this 
long ride beautiful journey:

- I have prayed my whole life for patience and this is God's way of teaching me to have {excellent} patience.
- I keep my eyes opened to the beauty in things. I might {or might not} have a full time, hard core j-o-b right this moment but it all fits somewhere in God's plan he has for ME. 
- He is testing me in keeping the Faith. {That test, I think I can pass. Just steer clear of the math quizzes, pahh-leeze}
- I am in a very healthy/happy/gorgeous/determined/fun/spontaneous {okay I'll quit before it gets wayouttahand} relationship. God put me and David together for a reason.
- Somewhere in that plan God wants me to face other people that are digging deep in MY business.{trust me, i've faced that} He wanted to see how I reacted. WABAM! {eeeek. my patience} I left it in another town and had none here in ole' Covington County. {semi-recent happening in my life}
- Lesson: You can't fail all the tests but you can pass with a few bad quiz grades. Or test grades if that sounds more {or less} important to you. Whatev. It's possible. There is no study guide for passing the test of life. Cheat sheet? Those were made for high school when you were more concerned about your weekly crush than your upcoming test. Cheating the game of life  {yourself and others} is not going to make progress.The older you get the more you are faced with. Things get much, much bigger. Facing it is probably the hardest part if you are not 100% sure exactly what to do or where to go. Turn to God for a guidance map to keep you from getting {forever} lost. I am a firm believer that getting temporarily lost is not a bad thing. By taking detours you just might find a home, love, l-i-f-e, JOB, or bestfriendforever.

Pick that patience back up and  
"Keep on smiling what ya' go through"

*mama quit reading... or at least skip the next couple of lines*
Forge a signature {of approval} like you did in high school with a bad test grade and keep walking.... AT YOUR OWN PACE. Enjoy the blessings you are given and know that at the end of the day 
you did what you did {however, whatever, whoever, whenever} and tomorrow is a new day and
Another test.

Just remember: You win some, you lose some. 


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