Wednesday, August 4, 2010

happy birthday-happy birthday-happy birthday-happy birthday

YES! That is right, I said happy birthday FOUR TIMES!
  1. jack
  2. allie
  3. jon harris
  4. shelly
To each of you, HAPPY DAY OF BIRTH!

Shelly, my sister-in-law... she's getting old. just joshing. Though, birthdays just aren't fun when you are a school teacher and they fall on the time that you start school back...
Summer ending + bday = sadness. 
Though, I do hope it's great! 

As for Jack, Allie and Jon Harris -
These three are ready to PARTY PARTY PARTY  i suppose....
(and easily said- i wish i was in michigan to partake)
as if being adorable isn't good enough, they are TROY fans

jon harris, allie, and jack

photo credits- my mama
aren't they super duper extra bunches of oats beautiful. seriously, it is unbelievable how presh they are.
Jack, Allie and Jon Harris,
A HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY x three to you guys. I miss and love each of you more than some would think is possible. From Bama to Michigan I send my love and birthday hugs! 
"Mal Mal" 


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