Tuesday, August 10, 2010

today is:

Get to know someone (anyone) a little better by asking -
"If you could be any performer on stage who would you be?"

You might find the answer you get very surprising....  maybe you will. And if so, maybe it will make you re-think your next judgment on someone you only claim to know.Maybe you will have received (or brought) an effortless smile to the face. Every one has a story to tell, so listen. Really listen. No interruptions. Don't leave without an answer. Make someone think... I am. The thought of being any performer on stage makes the narrowing down and ruling out for me begin. I will have an answer to share before the end of the afternoon. Sooner than you think but right now I have to tend to my (extremely rotten) pooch. She's insisting. Bottom lip fully poked out and all. So, hang ON loosely but don't let go.... my answer is coming. Now you get to asking someone. Get to know others. And did I mention the importance of listening? Like.... Really listening?!!



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