Monday, August 23, 2010

as some would find it very convincing that my brain is extremely random others might not.
so i get an itch to share a random.
not to change anyone's mind.
just because. bedtime stories never hurt.

The scariest dream I've ever had goes like this:
I was chased around for what felt like hours by 10 pink pigs. These pigs were oinking in some fierce "I hate you, I'm going to eat you" oink. As if the horrific oink wasn't enough I was being chased... in a dream.... I'd almost rather a mad chase like that go down when I'm awake because sucker, is it not the most "slow motion for me" run everrrrr while taking off in a dream nightmare. In a situation like that while awake I think I could have smoked em'! Not literally....just smoked as in outran. No doubt.... I can zoom pretty darn fast on the two feet of mine. But mmmm I would have worked up plenty of an appetite to have that other way of "smoking" a pig after a dream like that. Oh also... this high speed chase between me and all the little mean oinking pigs all took place in a single wide trailer. What in the world was going through my brain before I went to bed that night in order for this to happen while I was trying to sleep sweetly.... the end.

As for tonight....
I request pig-free dreams. Preferably a dream about a low-key little slice of paradise. Perhaps a dream about a fallsapproachingbreezyafternoon with just me, the boyfriend, Ziggy and a good book....
napping on and off all day long in a hammock somewhere away from the woods on the dirty water. Let's say.... Hawaii, please. Ahh, "picture me rollin'" (would 2pac be a lame excuse for whipping out that little gangsta-ness?)


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