Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday - Friday

Today is:
give someone a compliment day.(because I think it needs to happen way more these days) 

The rules are (stating the very obvious.....just in case you are having "one of those days" on this Monday)
Pay someone (or several someones) a compliment.
Keep it real. A sincere compliment that you truly mean.

I have several errands to run today and many things on my to-do list but plan on squeezing in several compliments. So, Monday Monday here I come..... in a squirmy complimentary way. I have my own reasons for being squirmy. In fact, now that I think about it. I might have my own definition for squirmy. I'm going to check the webster's out for that one just to see for myself. Hello, define squirmy.

Oh, by the way.... We are going to have a "today is......" on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and yep, you guessed it... FRIDAY! If my brain can put its creative side to good use and continue on through Sunday then that just might happen.

And now I'm heading out with a random wish:
I WISH THERE WAS A TJ MAXX WHERE I LIVED. I would totally support it. That is a promise. And if I was ever lost it would make the job for the search crew a heck of a lot easier.... chances are they could start the search looking for "Missing Mallory" in the TJ Maxx home decor section... if no luck there they could simply scoot on over to the shoe section. I'd probably be the blonde sitting on the ground surrounded by great shoes.


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