Friday, August 27, 2010

This shouldn't happen on a Friday.

I am was craving chicken salad. So off to cooking I went. Chicken boiling in the pot and all. I'll be a starving monkey now because we have zero mayo and zero eggs (which I knew already just planned on doing without the egg part).
So down the sink the boiling water goes and in the skillet the chicken cooks.
Now what...that was totally not my plan. It's almost like turning up a beer when you think it's a sprite. I'm cooking the chicken staring at it wishing it was never taken out of the freezer. I think I'm just going to pout for ten more minutes. I know I know, life isn't fair and I'm no Rachel Ray. But dang, chicken salad = the two words my tummy has been screaming for the past hour.Now it's just screaming ugly words at me.


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