Tuesday, August 31, 2010

{continued} text convo:
and yes.... we are still talking trash.

me- Oh Lawdy, David! She's BLUE!

d- Hahaha! LOL. What are we going to do? It IS a new can so it deserves a new name. Don't you think?

me- Oh Boy, okay. We can get through this together. RIP Betty Brown. You were a good little slore. And helllloooooo BLUE-HOO! You know, like the yoo-hoo chocolate drinks I don't care for. Blue-Hoo. Can we agree or do you have a more fitting name?

d- Blue-Hooo.... that sounds good to me! Just as long as she isn't as trashy as Betty Brown.

me- thumbs up!

d- Which gives me an idea....instead of Blue-Hoo we could call the new can Flat Foot Flewzy... cause I'm sure she'll be kinda' trashy.

me- What about Flat Foot Bluezy? :)

d- I like it.

me- Let's just hope she respects us (for replacing the Flewzy with Bluezy) and keeps her dang clothes on.

d- OR Bluezy Flewzy.

me- Flat Foot Bluezy is the name. And for a nickname  if we are feeling the need- Bluezy Flewzy. Agree?

d- Deal. I like the nickname better though... It just has a good ring to it. And it's cool.

me- Don't we have a wii character named Flat Foot Flewzy? If so,  I guess our trashy can is pretty tight with us.... I mean, a wii character has a sibling and it's our DUMPSTER! Twins - flewzy and bluezy. 

d- Heck, it's been so long since I played the wii I can't remember our characters names.... I know, I know, it's my fault we never play anymore. {talk to the hand}

me- Either way we can pretend. Because pretending makes me feel somewhat normal, somehow. Especially extreme pretending like thinking it is completely necessary to name our trash can! Thanks for participating in my weird bad arse games!

d- I enjoy the games.... you make them bad arse!

If you ever wonder why we are perfect together just ask me to kindly enlighten you with a convo we share similar to this one.


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