Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Please allow me to introduce you to........

She is named. And loved. Still working on the boyfriend being weirded out when Joplin wants to show him love by rubbing against his legs. That totally throws him for a loop. But he completely suggested we keep it when he saw the little nugget killing all sorts of bugs while grilling out the other night. I wasn't even going to ask.... so of course when he suggested, I was thrilled. I love adopting anything that needs a new home and some good, good loving. Psssst - to all those shopping addicts... I'm completely open for adopting clothes you are tired of. My closet is tick-tocking me off here lately.
Oh and the more extreme/different the better.... Just keep in mind I don't look good in yellow, sadly. I wish it was a better color for me because it makes me so happy looking at that color. Especially when it's a flowy summer dress.... But anyways back to Joplin.... adoption number two for me in the last year of my life with animals. Ziggy approved because she knows how fortunate she is to have me as a mama. yes, i said it. :)


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