Monday, August 2, 2010

when sleep fails.... blog.

Welp... I'm no longer fighting the process of falling asleep. 
 I am just going to face the fact.   
 This is me......
Yep, I'm a PURPLE night owl.

What do purple night owls do?
That's so EASY. (pssst- hey boyfriend! it's easier than making green bean casserole!!!!)

Purple night owls share their love for purple things. 

OPI - purple with a purpose.

Without confetti, it's just not complete.

HEY! Anything that keeps me from being a purple people eater 
at midnight is okay, I suppose. OH, hey... random-ness....
there is a purple bathing suit of mine cling clanging around in the dryer AS we speak I TYPE.

Last little purp....

dyed purple hydrangeas, because i heart them.


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